Zach Newburgh Is An Effective Team Manager

Zach Newburgh has worked in a wide range of fields related to education and he has far reaching experience in them. He is a thorough professional with a creative mind and natural problem solving abilities. Zach believes that when we face problems in any work we do, it’s only a sign for us to work harder and improve our way of working. In the past, he has managed teams of professionals on different projects and offered guidance and direction for the benefit of the whole team.

According to Zach, communication is one of the most important qualities in any successful team of professionals. There are times when individuals are so engrossed in their personal tasks that they forget to communicate with their team members. Such lack of communication can lead to delays in the completion of the project or deliver a finished project that doesn’t utilize the complete potential of the team’s skills. With his expertise in team management, Zach Newburgh ensures that all members of the team are working in sync and everyone is aware of their responsibilities through the course of a project. Zach credits his team managing capabilities to his nature as a people-person and his ability to apply knowledge and skills from a variety of disciplines.

Zach Newburgh was educated at McGill University, Montreal, QC where he received his Bachelor of Arts (Honours): Middle East Studies, International Relations. He also studied at Middlebury College’s Arabic Language School. He played an important role in founding Jobbook and he developed, managed, and executed the company’s marketing plan from the beginning. He also led a team of 60 student ambassadors on university campuses from across North America. He was responsible for representing Jobbook in the media and he drafted press releases and responded to interview requests on behalf of the company. He also closed accounts with major corporations in the United States and Canada. As a result of his efforts Jobbook achieved a membership approaching 100,000 in less than six months after its launch. The company received significant media attention and was recommended by several university career centers.

Presently, he is working as a Arabic and French to English translator. On the side, he works as a consultant to help foreign students with the process of application to post-secondary educational institutions in North America. Through this, he continues to guide and inspire students to work hard and give their best in all efforts they make.

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